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Gremlin Kickball

1-2 players control 2 grems at the same time!

You keep the ball up in the air, now! As long as possible- but if you are gonna drop it,  PRESS the SPACE bar! Before the ball hits the ground, or YOU LOSE! GOOD DAY!

Soak as much score out of each level you play in order to get the high score. Gremlin Kickball is the first game I ever made. It was a high school project involved creating an essay to describe something that is possible because of math.


Gremlin Kickball.zip 6 MB

Install instructions

This game is incredibly old. It should work on any Windows computer if you know what you're doing. Click "Run anyway" and if it asks you to install a old library, just say, "nah" and it will still probably work. Good luck!

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